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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Why Alcohol is NOT permitted at the north pole.

This is Elfie and her friend Randall.

I thought she was lonely so I let him join her.  They seemed to get along, but apparently they got along better than I thought.  I did not permit the drinking, but they must have gotten into my Smirnoff.  Next, as they say, is history......EDITED TO ADD:  Santa had Randall neutered after reading this post.

Actually, this is a post to enter a contest at :  Inappropriat Elf Contest
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Are you my Daddy?   is the one for the contest.

To vote go to Inappropriate Elf on the SHelf and scroll down to #60 and click "LIKE"

Story board of Randall, Elfie and Relfie

All it took was a Smirnoff

I noticed her belly was growing

Sharing her concerns with Randall

He assured her all would be OK

She told him "it's time" and he comforted her

Relaxing on the birthing ball

Deep breaths and more comforting words from Randall

It's coming!!!!

I see the head!

It's got ANTLERS!!!  It's a BUCK!!!!

( This is for the Contest Entry )

4 hooves and Healthy

Momma is beyond happy

Took to breast feeding like a champ

Daddy is proud and is so supportive of his breast feeding Elfie

First Family Photo.

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