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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Little critters gnawing = they must DIE.

I'm the first to admit I love animals.  Just ask my parents, hubby, exes, son...Literally anybody who knows me knows I protect all of God's creatures.  Until now anyway.

Whatever it is it must GO and GO FAST.

My garage is connected to the house.  I'm used to little critters, especially chipmunks finding their way in there.  I can deal with that, sort of.

Yesterday it was rather warm so I had the door up and cleaned out the garage.  As I moved bags of crap, I guess I mean "important stuff that I don't use, yet haven't pitched yet"  I found tons of bird seed, already eaten and fuzzies from several blankets and towels.   Got the whole garage cleaned up and was so proud of myself.  No more food, no more creatures right?


8 PM last night I can hear it.   Thought I was hearing things until hubby verified he could hear it too.  Even the dog was barking at it.  Hubby took my psycho dog to the garage.  (If you don't know about my psycho dog she is half jack russell half beagle and just plain NUTS.  Goofy thing even broke her leg earlier this year)

 Anyway, the dog was no help but at least she has had her rabies shot where hubby has not, should the gnawing creature attack.   Eventually it got quiet in there.

Now Day 2,  the little freak is back.  At almost exactly 8 PM again.  Doe it have it's alarm set?  Hubby heard it, I can hear it and dog is barking again.  Time to get serious.  I left 3 traps out there last night and not one caught it.  I've resorted to other tactics. I won't say what they are but I just hope it works.

I also took a couple brillo pads and shoved in his little hole.

It's 9 PM.  I'll let you know if it works.

UPDATE:  It is now January and I have been critter free for a few weeks.

Unfortunately the traps did not work.  It appears to be smarter than me.  So hubby resorted to some "foods" that should not be eaten if you don't want to die. 

I'm trying to think happy thoughts that it finally just escaped when the door was up :)

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