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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Today is Groundhog Day!

I never quite understood it.

How did this holiday "start"? 

I have to laugh.  They always were gloves to get him out in case he bites.

Well, what do they expect?  You are sound asleep in dark hole, curled up sleeping in a nice little ball of warmth.  No complaints, not bothers then ....Bam!  In reaches a hand.  Yanks you out of your sleep, grabs you up and hangs you in front of a gazillion people to see "if you can see your shadow".  Now you are cold, bright lights shining in your face, and not time to even let you wake up.  I'd bite the SH!T out of you too. What is up with that?  That is just plain cruel.

If you take me out without having my coffee ready, let me pee and give me a few seconds to open my eyes I'm probably going to rip you face off!  There are some things you just shouldn't do and waking me up abruptly is one of them.  Just ask my husband.

Where do people come up with these wacky ideas?   Was somebody thinking some day "Hey, lets pull a groundhog out of his hole and see if it has a shadow?"  I don't know about you but that sounds like something a teenage farm boy bored out of his mind would come up with.  Smoke a little too much Alfalfa or something?

And why a groundhog?  Well this made me want to look a little more into it.  So of course I had to look it up on the "WEB".  The place of all knowing important wisdom.

I found this on :

But why not a squirrel.  They are cute, they are furry?  I personally would much rather look at a squirrel than a ground hog.

And I don't think they smell as bad?

We could rename the holiday "Shadow Seeking Squirrel"

Currently I am sitting here at 7:12 AM, waiting on the edge of my seat for "PHIL'S VERDICT"

Will he or won't he?  The suspense is killing me.

I'll keep you updated like CNN and let you know as soon as I do!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

And here it starts.

As a photograher I haven't really touched on that with my blog.

To be honest, I'm not sure where to begin.  I'm not good at writing. 

But as all "reputable" sites say you honestly need a blog.  I've been using FB as my main mode of communication, but now I'm stepping into the world of "blogging". Yet, blogging is the way for people to find me, my arts, my life and my business.  So as a "photographer" I will attempt it.  (Keep in mind I never said I'm good at it or know what I'm doing in the brave new world here).

Be patient as I'm not really sure as to how this will work.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Little critters gnawing = they must DIE.

I'm the first to admit I love animals.  Just ask my parents, hubby, exes, son...Literally anybody who knows me knows I protect all of God's creatures.  Until now anyway.

Whatever it is it must GO and GO FAST.

My garage is connected to the house.  I'm used to little critters, especially chipmunks finding their way in there.  I can deal with that, sort of.

Yesterday it was rather warm so I had the door up and cleaned out the garage.  As I moved bags of crap, I guess I mean "important stuff that I don't use, yet haven't pitched yet"  I found tons of bird seed, already eaten and fuzzies from several blankets and towels.   Got the whole garage cleaned up and was so proud of myself.  No more food, no more creatures right?


8 PM last night I can hear it.   Thought I was hearing things until hubby verified he could hear it too.  Even the dog was barking at it.  Hubby took my psycho dog to the garage.  (If you don't know about my psycho dog she is half jack russell half beagle and just plain NUTS.  Goofy thing even broke her leg earlier this year)

 Anyway, the dog was no help but at least she has had her rabies shot where hubby has not, should the gnawing creature attack.   Eventually it got quiet in there.

Now Day 2,  the little freak is back.  At almost exactly 8 PM again.  Doe it have it's alarm set?  Hubby heard it, I can hear it and dog is barking again.  Time to get serious.  I left 3 traps out there last night and not one caught it.  I've resorted to other tactics. I won't say what they are but I just hope it works.

I also took a couple brillo pads and shoved in his little hole.

It's 9 PM.  I'll let you know if it works.

UPDATE:  It is now January and I have been critter free for a few weeks.

Unfortunately the traps did not work.  It appears to be smarter than me.  So hubby resorted to some "foods" that should not be eaten if you don't want to die. 

I'm trying to think happy thoughts that it finally just escaped when the door was up :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Why Alcohol is NOT permitted at the north pole.

This is Elfie and her friend Randall.

I thought she was lonely so I let him join her.  They seemed to get along, but apparently they got along better than I thought.  I did not permit the drinking, but they must have gotten into my Smirnoff.  Next, as they say, is history......EDITED TO ADD:  Santa had Randall neutered after reading this post.

Actually, this is a post to enter a contest at :  Inappropriat Elf Contest
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Are you my Daddy?   is the one for the contest.

To vote go to Inappropriate Elf on the SHelf and scroll down to #60 and click "LIKE"

Story board of Randall, Elfie and Relfie

All it took was a Smirnoff

I noticed her belly was growing

Sharing her concerns with Randall

He assured her all would be OK

She told him "it's time" and he comforted her

Relaxing on the birthing ball

Deep breaths and more comforting words from Randall

It's coming!!!!

I see the head!

It's got ANTLERS!!!  It's a BUCK!!!!

( This is for the Contest Entry )

4 hooves and Healthy

Momma is beyond happy

Took to breast feeding like a champ

Daddy is proud and is so supportive of his breast feeding Elfie

First Family Photo.

My first real post.

If you know me you know also am a photographer.

I love doing photography.  Humans, little humans, animals, landscape.  I love it all.

But, you will also find I have a strange sense of humor.  Some days I just gotta be me.

As most people are familiar with the "Elf on the shelf"  I got a little bored moving it night to night.  I decided to let "Elfie" have a little fun.

Well, as I photographer I obliged Elfie and let her have some fun doing some Boudoir type photos.

This is what we got.

_MG_2914 by melszoo
_MG_2914, a photo by melszoo on Flickr.
_MG_2909 by melszoo
_MG_2909, a photo by melszoo on Flickr.
_MG_2872 by melszoo
_MG_2872, a photo by melszoo on Flickr.
_MG_2859 by melszoo
_MG_2859, a photo by melszoo on Flickr.
_MG_2849 by melszoo
_MG_2849, a photo by melszoo on Flickr.